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Sapa Food Guide: Traditional foods in Sapa

Located in the northwest region of Vietnam, Sapa is a picturesque hill station that attracts travelers with its stunning natural beauty and vibrant local culture. This remote town is nestled in the Hoang Lien Son Mountains, offering breathtaking views of terraced rice fields, lush valleys, and rugged peaks. The town is home to various ethnic minority groups, including the Hmong, Tay, Zay, and Red Dao people, who add to the cultural diversity and charm of Sapa.

Sapa, Vietnam

What to eat in Sapa, Vietnam

This is a list of the must have dishes in Sapa. Ranked on best food score.

Black Sesame Soup

Black Sesame Soup is a popular dessert in Sapa, Vietnam. This sweet and creamy soup is made from black sesame seeds, sticky rice, sugar, and water. It is often enjoyed as a warming treat during the cooler months. You can find Black Sesame Soup being served at local dessert shops or street food stalls in Sapa. The soup is typically enjoyed hot, but can also be served chilled during the summertime. The rich and nutty flavors of the black sesame seeds make it a comforting and indulgent dessert.

Black sesame seeds, Sticky rice, Sugar, Water

Grilled Buffalo Sausage

Grilled Buffalo Sausage is a popular street food in Sapa, Vietnam. Made from locally sourced buffalo meat, this savory sausage is seasoned with spices and herbs, then grilled to perfection. The result is a smoky and flavorful sausage with a slightly gamey taste. You can find Grilled Buffalo Sausage being sold by street vendors throughout Sapa. Enjoy it on its own as a snack, or pair it with a side of sticky rice or bread for a more substantial meal.

Buffalo meat, Spices and herbs

Thang Co

Thang Co is a unique and hearty specialty of Sapa, Vietnam. This traditional stew is made by boiling horse meat or other meats (such as beef, pork, or buffalo) with a variety of herbs and spices for hours. The result is a flavorful and tender meat dish that is often enjoyed during cold winter days. To experience the authentic taste of Thang Co, head to the local markets or street food stalls in Sapa. The stew is usually served with a side of rice or sticky rice, and can be accompanied by fresh herbs and chili sauce for added flavor.

Horse meat or other meats, Herbs and spices

Salmon Hot Pot

Salmon Hot Pot is a delicious and comforting dish that is perfect for a chilly evening in Sapa, Vietnam. This hot pot features fresh salmon, along with a variety of vegetables, mushrooms, and tofu, simmered in a flavorful broth at the table. The ingredients are cooked together, allowing the flavors to meld and creating a nourishing and satisfying meal. To enjoy a Salmon Hot Pot, head to one of the local restaurants in Sapa that specialize in hot pot dishes. Gather around the table with friends or family, and indulge in this communal dining experience.

Salmon, Vegetables, Mushrooms, Tofu, Flavorful broth

Bánh Mì

Bánh Mì is a Vietnamese sandwich that has gained international popularity for its delicious combination of flavors and textures. Sapa is no exception, with its own unique twists on this beloved street food. In Sapa, you can find Bánh Mì stalls and vendors offering a variety of fillings, such as grilled pork, chicken, or tofu, along with pickled vegetables, fresh herbs, and tangy sauces. The crusty bread and the balance of savory, sweet, and tangy flavors make it a perfect on-the-go snack or quick meal.

Grilled pork, chicken, or tofu, Pickled vegetables, Fresh herbs, Sauce, Crusty bread

Bamboo Sticky Rice

Bamboo Sticky Rice is a traditional dish that is a must-try when visiting Sapa, Vietnam. This delectable dish is made by placing glutinous rice, marinated with spices and various meats or vegetables, inside bamboo tubes and then cooking them over an open fire. The result is a fragrant and flavorful rice dish with a slightly smoky taste. One of the best places to try Bamboo Sticky Rice is at the local markets in Sapa. Here, you can find vendors who specialize in making this delicious treat. Make sure to try different variations, such as the ones with grilled pork or chicken, as well as vegetarian options with mushrooms and vegetables.

Glutinous Rice, Spices, Meats or vegetables

Hmong Hot Pot

Hmong Hot Pot is a traditional dish that is unique to the Hmong community in Sapa, Vietnam. This communal meal is often enjoyed during festive occasions and gatherings, and it is known for its rich flavors and vibrant colors. The Hmong Hot Pot consists of a variety of ingredients, such as pork, chicken, beef, fish, vegetables, mushrooms, and noodles, cooked in a flavorful broth at the center of the table. Each person can customize their own bowl by adding their preferred ingredients and seasonings. To experience the Hmong Hot Pot, it is recommended to join a local Hmong family for a meal or visit a Hmong-owned restaurant in Sapa.

Pork, chicken, beef, fish, Vegetables, Mushrooms, Noodles, Flavorful broth